We work with institutions and individuals to skill-up for future readiness

In this rapidly changing technological and social environment, every individual must acquire the right knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to be successful.

The Future Foundation, a not for profit trust has undertaken the task of working with institutions (schools, colleges, universities and corporate organisations) and individuals (students, teachers, working professionals or a budding entrepreneur) to realise their dreams of being successful and future ready.

The foundation lays special emphasis on individuals from the economically weaker section and on those who may not have access to the route to future readiness.


Future Readiness Grants for Schools

The Future Foundation offers grants for schools to help their Students with skills and knowledge integrated learning and for Teachers for teaching excellence and research, in association with Zamit and QAI, UK.


Empowering Learners, Teachers and Job seekers for future readiness

The Future Foundation’s mission is to enable individuals with skills and knowledge required for success through measurement, improvement and monitoring and by investing in research to develop international frameworks for benchmarking and impact analysis.

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Research & Development

We undertake research studies with the objective of ...

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Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

We work with corporates to assist them with their CSR initiatives ...

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corporate social responsiblity
Charitable Giving

We provide grants that help individuals to undertake programmes and research activities ...

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Awareness, Assessment and Training

We run awareness programmes that help individuals understand the benefits ...

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